A Message from Jay Dugan, Lead Person

Jay DuganDear Parents and Guardians:

As the Lead Person for the Atlantic Community Charter School, I represent our management company, CSMI.  My main role is simple:  I am present nearly every school day so that you can see CSMI is here for you and for your children. 

Since I came on board in May, I have seen some wonderful accomplishments.  Your child has new books and materials in four major subject areas (Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science).  Your child’s teachers helped develop new, cutting edge curricula.  Some of New Jersey’s best experts in Mathematics, Reading, Writing, and Classroom Management are working in the classroom with the children and their teachers.

Our mission is a tall order and we take it very seriously.  We are not just trying to prepare your child for the future workforce; we are preparing them to be tomorrow’s leaders.  With a safe and secure environment (thanks in part to our new Character Education course for all grade levels), state of the art materials, current teaching methods, and technology-driven lessons, I am confident that your child’s progress will be obvious in the short-term and their leadership capabilities will be obvious in the long-term.

It will happen.  Our staff, teachers, and administrators care.  It will happen.

Be well,

Dr. Jay Dugan