Art, Physical Education & Health

At ACCS, art, physical education, and health share a high priority in our students’ everyday lives. Students are encouraged to be creative and build character, confidence, and individuality.

Art education teaches students how to develop, interpret, criticize, and use visual information. The art curriculum allows students at ACCS opportunities to use and further develop fine motor skills, visual learning, and critical decision-making to use their imaginations to create drawings, paintings, and sculptures that are unique to each individual student. Students develop critical thinking skills with the guidance of an experienced artist, to be inventive and creative. Classroom subjects such as math, reading, social studies, and science are integrated into the daily art curriculum in order to further promote skill mastery.

Students are provided with the opportunity to increase their physical activity and eat healthy to enrich the quality of their lives. The physical education and health program focuses on educating the whole child through promoting healthy habits. Our curriculum emphasizes the development of fundamental motor and manipulative skills through the use of exercise, organized games, and activities.