Scholars Win New Bike With “Caught You Being Good” Incentive

Scholars proudly stand next to the new bicycle and tricycle they just won with their “Caught You Being Good” incentive coupons. “Caught you being good” is a school wide positive incentive program where students are “caught” doing the right thing by staff members and rewarded by earning various incentives from bicycles to ACCS sweat suits. Coupons are also counted by homerooms which compete for the top earners of each marking period. The winning homeroom is rewarded with a pizza lunch. Mrs. Cummins’ 4th grade class won for the first marking period. Great work by all!

ACCS Students Wrote Cards to the Coast Guard

ACCS students wrote cards to the Coast Guard in Alaska thanking them for their service! Teacher Sarah Pepe initiated the event.

“The Coast Guard  on the Douglas Munro would like to thank everyone for spreading holiday cheer with the many cards! They are enjoying reading the cards while underway. I would personally like to thank everyone for contributing! It made me feel great that so many had interest and were able to help make a difference in the men and women’s holiday this year. Thank you again!” - Sarah Pepe


We Need Your Help! Take the Charter School Law Survey!

Please help support our efforts during the state’s review of charter schools in NJ. We’ve learned that NJDOE has extended the deadline for its survey to Friday November 30thPlease take action now!

We need to make sure all parents have the opportunity to speak out before this campaign is over at the end of the month!

Join the hundreds of parents already speaking up as the @NewJerseyDOE reviews the charter school law. To share your message today, visit complete the survey. #NJCSA #ILoveMyCharter #CharterStrong

Marine Visits ACCS 4th Graders for Veterans Day

Commandant Douglas J. Rattazzi visited the ACCS 4th grade scholars Thursday. November 8, to speak about his military Marine experience!

Scholars were excited to hear about the training of the German Shepard guard dogs during his 19 months Morocco wanting to know how they could train their own pets!

They also asked about all of the ribbons and medals on his uniform, and were informed about how he received them, “not for taking part of something- but for doing something.”

Commandant Rattazzi is now the head of the Marine Corps League in New Jersey, which involves about 7,000 marines.

Thank you for your service, Commandant Douglas J. Rattazzi!

Happy Veterans Day to all who have served & protected our country!