Check out these photos of field day fun at ACCS!

Today’s field day was such a blast! We hope everyone had a great time playing with water balloons, hula hoops, bean bags, and most of all, each other!

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Our little garden is growing bigger!

For the first update on the garden, click here.

Our students have been working very hard on the ACCS garden - and it’s easy to see that their efforts are paying off!

We now have lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and some cooking herbs growing in the garden. While there’s still work to be done, things are looking awesome so far. To see the students working together in the sunshine and greenery is amazing.

If you have any ideas about how we can improve our garden, or items to contribute to the garden, we would greatly appreciate them. (We’ve already used deer protective fencing on top to prevent any harm to animals.)

In addition, we would like to name the garden! Each class will think of a name they like, and will bring it to the nurses’ office by Tuesday, June 11, 2019. We will pick one name for our garden. Our students will think of names that encompass the theme of "growing, gardening, and healthy eating.”

Thank you, everyone, for the support, and to Mrs. O'Donnell and all other staff involved! And thank you to our students, most of all!

ACCS students are always GROWING... literally!

At Atlantic Community Charter School, our students take their growth very seriously. By creating a community garden, these kids are not only growing fruits and veggies - they’re growing their skills and talents, too!

So far, our students have completed all the calculations for the garden’s fencing. They’ve also figured out how many poles and how much chicken wire they will need to surround the plants. In terms of what they’ll be planting, they’ll start with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, basil, parsley, and strawberries. Yum!

We’ll post more photos and keep you updated as the project progresses! Thank you, students, for your dedication to this project!

Our 6th-8th Grade Students Have Great Taste!

On Thursday, our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders got to treat themselves - to some nutritious, tasty food!

Members of the Professional Chefs Association of South Jersey paid the students a visit on April 18th to talk to them about eating healthily, and about the paths one can take to become a professional cook or chef. The PCASJ is our local chapter of the American Culinary Federation, dedicated to education and humanitarian efforts. Chefs Mike, Ed, George, Guy, and Keith brought an assortment of raw fruits and vegetables, as well as whole wheat pasta and tomato sauce, for students to snack on after their presentation.

After telling them about the foods they’d brought, the chefs stressed to the students the importance of choosing to eat “clean,” non-processed, and fresh foods as often as possible. Everyone (even the chefs) agreed that fried food can taste good. But the chefs made a point to encourage other healthier methods of cooking, like baking or steaming, that can be just as delicious while keeping the food’s nutrients in tact.

A handful of students raised their hands when asked if anybody hoped to become a professional cook or chef someday. The chefs provided the students with many words of wisdom, but always returned to the fact that gaining firsthand experience is crucial to becoming a pro at anything. The five chefs had over 200 years of cooking experience among them, working at establishments such as the Taj Mahal Casino, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and The Flanders Hotel. Students asked them a great deal of questions, ranging from how they got their start and what inspired them to become chefs to which famous people they’ve cooked for (the kids loved when Chef Mike added that he’d personally cooked for Drake).

At the conclusion, everybody received their share of fruits, vegetables, and pasta, while some chefs spoke to students individually about their prospective futures in the culinary arts. Everyone could tell that the chefs loved sharing their knowledge and experience, as well as their food, with the younger generation.

Thank you, chefs!

Our students always STICK to their reading

Our scholars in grades K through 2 really stuck to their reading this month.

At the beginning of the month, students’ families received a note that said:

Dear Families,

For the month of March, we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, or Read Across America. We know how important it is to read every day and we would like to celebrate those students who do! This month we will have a special reading log. If your child reads every day and fills in the whole reading log they will participate in our “Stuck On Reading” challenge with Principal Cetrullo. Mr. Cetrullo will read a few of his favorite books while students place a piece of duct tape on him.  After all of the pieces of tape are on him, we will see if he is stuck to the wall! We need enough duct tape to hold him up, so make sure to read every day!

The goal was for all students in grades K through 2 to read each night, fill out their reading logs, and return them in to school completed. Students who filled up their reading logs would earn 1-2 pieces of duct tape to help get Principal Cetrullo “stuck on reading.”

And by “stuck on reading,” we mean literally stuck - to the wall!

When the day finally came, Mr. Cetrullo read numerous Dr. Seuss stories aloud while being duct taped to the wall by his scholars. The students read enough books - and, therefore, earned enough tape - to successfully stick Mr. Cetrullo to the wall! (Thankfully he was a great sport about it!)

This was a great way to wrap up Read Across America, and to let students celebrate their reading goals. Thank you, families, for encouraging your scholars to read!


First ACCS Scholar to be accepted to Atlantic County Institute of Technology

8th grade scholar, Gabriella Westcott, is the first from her class to be admitted into Atlantic County Institute of Technology, ACIT.

Friday night, as she was getting an early start on her homework, Gabby’s father approached her saying he had good news- she was admitted to her top choice for high school!

“I threw my papers up in the air and started dancing around the kitchen,” the eager, almost graduate, admitted.

Gabby hopes to join the Mechanical Science track upon starting ACIT next fall in the hopes of getting closer to achieving her dream of becoming an airplane mechanic for the Air Force. She’ll also be trying out for volleyball & track, and plans to join as many music clubs as possible to grow her current passion of playing piano, guitar, bass and ukulele. (Our scholars are so talented!)

Miss Westcott mentioned that she could not have done this without the help of her amazing teachers at ACCS. She specifically thanked Ms. O’Connell, Ms. Dattilo & Ms. KC; teachers who were all impactful in her intellectual & emotional growth. “They were there for me no matter what, and helped me through everything during my time here.”

Congrats, Gabby! We can’t wait to see all the amazing things you accomplish!


Gabriella Westcott, now in 8th grade (left) & her first year at ACCS in 6th grade (right).