ACCS Culture

Atlantic Community Charter School prides itself on having created a “Private, Public School” culture in which the building, facilities, and teaching staff resemble those of a private institution.

Atlantic Community Charter School provides a safe and secure environment for learning and growing. ACCS’s goal is to empower students through active learning and provide them with the confidence and tools to be self-sufficient as they move on to middle school, high school, college, and beyond.

With a focus on academics and life skills through a partnership with parents and the community, ACCS challenges students to push themselves. The teachers stimulate their students’ curiosity and encourage them to reach far and wide and to believe in themselves.

ACCS is a turnaround school in a community that is determined to rebound and revitalize!

What Makes ACCS So Special?

Atlantic Community Charter School is special because it has so much to offer. Parents choose to send their children to ACCS for many reasons, including:

  • Safe, secure, and nurturing learning environments

  • Anti-bullying support groups and services

  • Grades K-2 2 to 1 Chromebook initiative

  • Grades 3-8  1 to 1 Chromebook initiative

  • High-speed WiFi

  • SmartBoards in every classroom

  • Dedicated, experienced teachers

  • School-wide behavior incentive program, “Caught You Being Good”

  • Use of i-Ready, a cutting edge computer based standardized diagnostic program for personalized assessment and learning

  • Successful completion of charter school state renewal process

  • Dedicated and experienced faculty, staff, coaches, and administrators