Our students always STICK to their reading

Our scholars in grades K through 2 really stuck to their reading this month.

At the beginning of the month, students’ families received a note that said:

Dear Families,

For the month of March, we will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, or Read Across America. We know how important it is to read every day and we would like to celebrate those students who do! This month we will have a special reading log. If your child reads every day and fills in the whole reading log they will participate in our “Stuck On Reading” challenge with Principal Cetrullo. Mr. Cetrullo will read a few of his favorite books while students place a piece of duct tape on him.  After all of the pieces of tape are on him, we will see if he is stuck to the wall! We need enough duct tape to hold him up, so make sure to read every day!

The goal was for all students in grades K through 2 to read each night, fill out their reading logs, and return them in to school completed. Students who filled up their reading logs would earn 1-2 pieces of duct tape to help get Principal Cetrullo “stuck on reading.”

And by “stuck on reading,” we mean literally stuck - to the wall!

When the day finally came, Mr. Cetrullo read numerous Dr. Seuss stories aloud while being duct taped to the wall by his scholars. The students read enough books - and, therefore, earned enough tape - to successfully stick Mr. Cetrullo to the wall! (Thankfully he was a great sport about it!)

This was a great way to wrap up Read Across America, and to let students celebrate their reading goals. Thank you, families, for encouraging your scholars to read!