YoJo taught us that bullying is a no-go!

Today, our students were treated with an appearance from YoJo, a “big, blue, wild and groovy creature” that teaches kids about the hazards of bullying and how to prevent bullying.

But first, YoJo’s helper Philip kicked off the show by asking students a few questions about bullying. Everyone enthusiastically shouted out all the right answers!

Then it was finally time for YoJo to make his appearance — and boy, did he know how to make an entrance!

It turns out that YoJo was having a bullying problem of his own: he was acting like a bully, so that he could make other people laugh! While it’s good to make people laugh, it shouldn’t be at the expense of other people. Philip taught this lesson to YoJo, and to the students in the audience.

We also learned that if you or someone you know is being bullied, you should distance yourself from the situation and tell a trusted adult. If it’s safe to do so, you can confront the bully using your words, but don’t be rude. Remember, you don’t want to be a bully back to a bully!

Thanks, YoJo and Philip, for giving us this knowledge, and for helping to make ACCS an even better place!

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